The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Vannel Zeufack and I am currently a Master Student in the field of Computer Science at Kennesaw State University (Marietta GA, USA).

At last, the first of day of my summer internship at LexisNexis starts today June 3rd 2019. It should have been the 20th of May 2019. The delay is due to a mistake done by a third-party company in charge of handling my drug screening test. However, that did not affect my motivation to make this internship a wonderful success 🙂

What is the Internship Program about?

HPCC Systems provides a list of projects. You choose a project of interest to you to be completed during your internship with HPCC Systems. Once you have chosen a project, you must prepare and submit a proposal which shows how you plan to complete the project.

  • The proposal (application) period opens towards the beginning of October and runs until the middle of March every year.
  • Coding starts at the beginning of June running until the middle/late August. But it can be flexible if your university term finishes in July and doesn’t start back until September.
  • The program is 12 weeks long.

It should be noted that the company offers the great opportunity to either work from home or on site. I decided to work from home (campus) since I am an hour away and do not have a car yet. That is a bit unfortunate as I would have loved to be in direct contact with my mentors and the company’s life.

My Project

Among the many available projects, I selected the one entitled “Develop and Assess Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Methods”. This choice is 100% justified by the fact that this project is highly related to my Master’s thesis. The project is about finding anomalies, bugs or issues in computer systems using unsupervised methods and HPCC Systems tools.

Moving to Day 1

Before this day, I had to go through an on-boarding process. It was basically about filling many forms and signing papers. Not a big deal! This was monitored by Lorraine Chapman, the wonderful HPCC Systems Intern Program Manager. Through a rich conference call, she had me caught up with my mentor Arjuna Chala, as well as all the things (tasks, communication mechanisms, reports etc.) I had to set up to be up and running smoothly.

Arjuna is concurrently mentoring me with Xu Lili, member of the same team at LexisNexis. Before this day, we agreed on the following four tasks to be done for the first week:

  1. Take ECL online classes to create ECL and Roxie jobs.
  2. Roxie log collecting.
  3. Install HPCC Machine learning bundles
  4. Run ML jobs on the sample data.

Now you know what the HPCC internship program is about and what happened before Day 1. You can follow my journey by following my blog posts available on the “blog posts” menu.

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